Master Tracks are the first interchangeable over-ear headphones to deliver incredible sound, design, and performance. A New Sound Experience Whether you listen to EDM, country or hip-hop, Master Tracks are engineered to deliver true sound you can feel. Our newly developed X3 Sound Engines deliver an immersive music experience balanced with powerful bass, clear highs and vocal accuracy.
The headband is nearly unbreakable. The thick headband is made of a advanced polymer compound that’s built to withstand heavy abuse…it can literally be bent and twisted and it will revert right back to its perfect shape for a tight fit and optimal comfort. It’s a thing of beauty, really. There’s even a 1000 day guarantee on the headband. The ClearTalk cables all have a three button inline ControlTalk button with microphone. It works with iOS, Android, Windows, and even BlackBerry phones.
Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones (Gunmetal) are scheduled to ship the week of February 25th, 2013.


D’usse Cognac VSOP is the lastest offering from Bacardi’s Chateau de Cognac, the Cognac house that produces Baron Otard. This is not your ordinary bottle of Cognac. The bottle is a bit gothic, a bit midieval with a double cross on a squat bottle with a glass topper. And it comes with Jay Z‘s endorsement too.
Here is Drink of the week's review of the D’usse Cognac VSOP: Appearance: clear with a medium, amber color with golden highlights Nose: clean, medium, aged aromas of raisins, figs, citrus peel, orange blossom, cedar, caramel, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom Palate: dry, smooth, warming alcohol with a hint of controlled fire, medium body, medium intensity of raisins, figs, cedar, caramel, toffee, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom with a medium finish of raisins and cedar.
Rating: Good. The D’usse is smooth and controlled with a hint of fire in the alcohol on the back of the palate. The cognac has lovely aromas and flavors of dried fruits and wood. It lacks the complexity of better VSOP Cognacs. But, the mere smell of the D’usse make me want to throw it in a Sidecar or Brandy Sangaree.